Your views

3.3. Many everyday activities involve a risk of injury. Therefore, do you feel the media is over-reacting to the potential risks of concussion in rugby? Required
5.5. England Rugby have some initatives (such as Headcase training and the Activate Programme) to try to improve player safety in rugby. Do you think they are doing enough to make the game safe for participants? Required
6.6. England Rugby have been investing in the training of all those involved in the game (including parents, players, teachers, coaches and officials) through the online Headcase initiative. Have you undertaken any training on concussion in rugby?  Required
7.7. Are you aware of what to do if you suspected someone had concussion?  Required
8.8. Have you experienced, or witnessed, a concussion as a result of participation in rugby? Required
10.10. Your gender: Required
11.11. How are you currently involved in rugby? Required

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